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Sensitive to the core, Maati could be a film on the aftermath of communal war and takes care of the many unspoken aspects. The film tries to encapsulate the emotional upheaval, the deeply personal impact that the Bengal divide has had on the minds of individuals from erstwhile East Pakistan. And it will all of it through Meghla’s (Paoli) journey in search of her roots.

Maati doesn’t build a premise wherever there’s fast yearning. Rather, it’s direct in coping with the feelings. It starts with Meghla’s history tuition category wherever she is seen turbulently narrating the past to her students. Her grandma Kumodini Debi (Aparajita), we learn, is that the reason behind such burning quest in her. And as luck would have it, Kumodini’s diary lands in her hand that terribly day once Jinia (Monami) — the female offspring of their neighbour from the ancestral home — finds the family to ask them to her wedding in Bangla Desh. This scene and also the undeniable fact that Meghla’s grandparent (Chandan) area unit shown grappling with painful, forgotten memory set the tone of the film.Maati(2018) Full HD Movie Download,Maati(2018) Full HD Download,

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But what seems a touch unbelievable is that Meghla is such a staunch mortal of the those that allegedly killed Kumodini, UN agency determined to remain back even once the complete family shifted to the present facet. It’s only she receives the diary that she gets to understand of her grandmother’s plight and inside many days she’s seen getting ready for visa and exploit for the marriage.Maati(2018) Full HD Movie Download,Maati(2018) Full HD Download,
That she has fashioned such robust emotion is comprehensible — she’s even upset along with her grandparent and father for not checking out concerning Kumodini’s whereabouts. Maati(2018) Full HD Movie Download,Maati(2018) Full HD Download,
however she looks all consumed in her pursuit — forgetting all different gift relations, that could be a very little uncommon for a lady in today’s day and time. however Paoli plays the half well. She is plausible as Meghla; she makes the uncanny yearning of Meghla her own whereas enacting the scenes,

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Maati(2018) Full HD Movie Download,Maati(2018) Full HD Download,

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